The Duel Observer & Mr. ’13 Comic

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 3.26.26 PMMr. ’13 and The Duel Observer

In my sophomore year at Hamilton College, I became very involved with the campus’ Onion-esque satirical publication, The Duel Observer. I eventually became a senior staff writer, and wrote numerous comedy articles parodying campus life. I also started a weekly comic strip, Mr. ’13, which followed the misadventures of a hapless freshman (and later sophomore and junior — I graduated before he reached senior year).  The mostly complete archives of my time at The Duel Observer, including my comics and articles can be found here. (Volumes 15 — 19)


Mr. ’12

Shortly after graduating from Hamilton, I continued Mr. ’13 by bumping the main character (and increasingly my own author avatar) up a year, making him Mr. ’12 and lampooning post-graduate life. This fairly short-running series lived on the Stamford Patch. A few of the best comics are below.

Mr12 Rakesbanner


mr 12 1


mr 12 2


mr 12 3


mr 12 4