Imitation Real Life webcomic

IRL Cast Summer FacebookIn 2013 I started my first proper webcomic, Imitation Real Life, a pseudo-sequel to the longrunning cartoon I did in college, reimagining several of my old character designs and tropes in a new setting — New York City. The comic follows Davey and Charlie, two friends and roommates who live in Manhattan together, and how they deal with relationships, surprise housewarming parties, and a rat that crawled up the pipes to their toilet. You know, typical New Yorker stuff. The update schedules often slips when I’m too busy with real, paying work, but it’s been a ton of fun to do and a terrific learning experience. You can see all the comics at the website,, and I’ve included a couple of my favorite pages below.





2014-01-20-Change-Night-Bitches 2014-05-12-Escalator-Etiquette