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it cold
But like The Lego Movie should win the Academy Award for Best Picture
@KaylaYandoli any time. Please provide updates on the sandwich tmrw
@KaylaYandoli nah. dream big
@ZevSP "Here's some wine that I think you'll enjoy because you're an idiot." Yeah I can get behind that

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Can Coral Gardening Save the World’s Reefs?

This was written for my environmental reporting class in late February. I’m currently looking for a place to publish it. In the past four decades, 40 percent of the world’s coral reefs have been lost, largely due to global climate change and other manmade issues. This epidemic has scientists scrambling for ways to halt or […]

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Imitation Real Life

My webcomic, about two guys living in NYC fresh outta college. Full site at

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CH Rabbit 600 by 315 crop

How Magicians Pull Rabbits Out of Hats

Originally published on CollegeHumor on February 22, 2014