How Magicians Pull Rabbits Out of Hats

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Originally published on CollegeHumor on February 22, 2014

What Should Politicians Be for Halloween 2013?

Originally published on CollegeHumor on October 25, 2013
Obama Political Halloween

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Great Moments in History (If They Happened in College)

The Burr-Hamilton Beruit Duel

Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton were both founding brothers of their fraternity. One night Burr and Hamilton got into an argument of epic proportions, after Burr accused Hamilton of calling him a “chode-monkey” behind his back. Also, Burr called the game “beer pong,” which is totally wrong.

When it was time for the duel, Hamilton, being a noble person at heart, had decided not to go through with the duel. He was better than that – they were better than that. Instead of ruining Burr’s day, Hamilton gave up his chance to shoot, and rolled the balls to Burr as a gesture of good faith. What he didn’t know was that Aaron Burr was a gigantic asshole. As soon as he had the balls, Burr unleashed a torrent of bounce shots, runbacks, elbow violations, and dick moves. Hamilton had no chance to recover, and the world lost a great man that day. [Read more…]

What Should Politicians Be For Halloween?

Originally published on CollegeHumor on October 22, 2012

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