CH logo I’ve been a freelance writer and cartoonist for CollegeHumor for several years now, making fun illustrations and writing visual-heavy articles for what’s increasingly a general-interest comedy website.

I’ve included a few of the best pieces I made for CollegeHumor below, including a skewering of superhero logic and a terrifying mashup of politicians and movie monsters, but you can see more of my work by checking out my author page.


Thor’s Hammer


A comic I made for CollegeHumor as part of a roundup of superhero-themed cartoons in anticipation of the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron. As it turns out, the movie made a very similar joke as I did, where two characters debate whether or not an elevator would be able to lift Thor’s hammer.

What Should Politicians Be for Halloween?Political Halloween Banner

I combined some political cartoon caricature with my expansive knowledge of classic monster movies for the second installment in a series of illustrations comparing and combining politicians with spooks. The 2013 edition was actually a sequel to my original submission the previous year, which you can see here. You can read the full post from 2013, featuring a truly upsetting drawing of Joe Biden, here.

How Magicians Pull Rabbits Out of HatsCH Rabbit 600 by 315 crop

A relatively straightforward, lightly horrifying comic that imagines the dark side of “innocent,” traditional stage magic. Think about it — where are those rabbits coming from? Read the full comic here.

The 12 Bottles in Your College Liquor CabinetScreen Shot 2015-07-05 at 1.36.27 PM

An article which I wrote (but did not illustrate) breaking down the various bottles of booze that occupy a typical, dumb college student’s sorry excuse for a liquor cabinet. Read the full article here.